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 "The ignorant moth desires the light but not the fire. The mystic moth desires the fire to get to the Light." Rumi
    To register for the Mystical School or for the Nathaniel Program simply contact Bill O'Brien by phone, 301-984-6123, or e-mail . For the Mystical School, if Bill O'Brien does not know you personally, an interview or phone conversation will be needed. NOTE: The deadline for Mystical School registration is Monday, September 15, 2003.
   All programs will be held at The Nathaniel Center, 12229 Tildenwood Drive, Rockville MD 20852. The Center is in southern Rockville just east of 270 and just north of Montrose Road. Directions will be supplied at registration.
Monday Mystical School
      WHO MAY REGISTER: Anyone who is beyond the very beginnings of spiritual development and who feels a yearning to have their spiritual hunger fed at a deeper level. Persons of Christian background will probably find the course more within their comfort zone but anyone of spiritual instinct, a basic openness to Jesus at least as symbol of wholeness, and a desire for Union is welcome. Maximum 12 participants.
      WHAT IT IS: This is a school for the soul. Lasting nine months, it will focus on Christ Consciousness, a Christocentric spiritual process to arrive at a direct knowledge of God. Christ is the recognized archetype of the True Self, the model of Wholeness, the Hero. Our exploration will include: weekly Guided Imagery exercises centering on the richly symbolic stories of the Christian Gospels, explorations of other religions as within the field of Christ Consciousness (Eastern Orthodoxy (icons: an artistic drawing into God), Buddhism(how to release the energy of Love as Jesus did), and Shamanism (other dimensions of reality to which Jesus had access).
          PRESENTER: Mr. William H. O'Brien, M.A., M.Div., founder and director of the Center will conduct the course. For a picture and description of Bill click on "Life Coaching with Bill O'Brien".
         WHEN: Mondays, 7:30-9:30 PM, September 22, 2003 - June 21, 2004. Class will meet every Monday in Autumn, September 22 through December 22. In 2004 class will resume on January 5 and meet every Monday through June 21 except for February 16 (Presidents Day), April 12 (Easter Monday) and May 31 (Memorial Day). Class will meet on October 13 (Columbus Day) and January 19 (Martin Luther King Day).
          NOTE: In addition to the Monday meetings there will be one Saturday meeting on September 27th at 10 A.M. At this meeting Bill O'Brien, who has advanced shamanic training, will journey for each participant individually to discover what your individual Power Animal is. The Power Animal is a spiritual entity similar to Christianity's Guardian Angels in purpose. It will take about five minutes to retrieve each person's so the length of the meeting depends on the size of the class.)
         WHERE: At the Nathaniel Center, see above
          COST:  There are three different payment schedules:
                       Monthly: $855 in nine installments of $95 each. First two installments due on September 15 ($190); then $95 each on 11/3, 12/1, 1/5, 2/2, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3.
                      Alternative: Total $834 in three installments of $278 each. Installments due on September 15, November 3 and January 5.
                     Or: Total $815 in one payment due by September 15. Checks should be made to: The Nathaniel Center. You may pay in person or mail check to 12229 Tildenwood Drive, Rockville MD 20852
              FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions): There are no papers to write or tests to take. You will be expected to have a regular daily individual spiritual practice of your own choosing. There will be some light reading assignments from time to time and you will sometimes be asked to reflect on a question or exercise during the week as you move about your regular activity.
The Nathaniel Program: Eight Weeks of Meditation & Spiritual Awareness Training
      Intended for beginners in meditation regardless of age, this is the foundation program of the Center. Drawing on the ageless wisdom of the world's great religions and spiritual paths, this seminar will be a broadening and deepening experience. Participants will gradually build to twenty minutes of breathing meditation twice a day. Included in the seminar will be practical methods for deepening the spiritual life in the midst of daily activity, as well as specific exercises for healing the hard emotions and deepening a felt sense of love within. In addition the course will offer training in appreciation of the here and now, the present moment, as well as a deepened awareness of the spiritual nature of the body and of our relationship with the Earth. The spiritual journey will be explored in the light of universal principles with illustrations from the world religions including the New Testament, the teachings of the Buddha, the Sufi mystics of Islam, and the ancient healing wisdom of shamanic practitioners.
  Presenter: Mr. William H. O'Brien, M.A., M.Div., founder and director of the Nathaniel Center. For a picture of Bill and some background click on "Life Coaching with Bill O'Brien"
  Where: The Nathaniel Center, see above.
  When: Tuesdays, September 30 -  November 18, 7:30 - 9:00 P.M.
             (Note: Class will meet on Veterans Day, November 11)
  Cost : $80 payable at the first class meeting on September 30.
  Registration is required: See above
  What people are saying about The Nathaniel Program:
    "After years of searching, the Nathaniel Program provided the next step in my spiritual growth. It has provided structure for deep spiritual needs."  C. Cerutti, psychologist, Springfield, VA    
     "No matter how rushed or tired I am, the techniques I learned at The Nathaniel Program renew my sense of inner peace. I feel centered and quiet." Joanne C., Financial Officer, Owego, NY
      "By coincidence, I hit a patch of health problems halfway through The Nathaniel Program. I credit the program with helping me float through surgery, and subsequent treatment calmly and with perspective." Cathy H., Editor, Washington, DC
      "The Nathaniel Center and its programs have been a source of support and guidance for my spiritual growth during a period of transition and active searching."
Helena Otero, Therapist, Guatemala and USA
       "The techniques I learned at The Nathaniel Program help me stay centered and focused ar work...I feel less stress, have more energy, and I really feel like I get more done." Tracy B., Director: Carrier Sales, Tysons Corner, VA
Wednesday Awareness Nights
   These evenings are for 18-35 year olds. Their purpose is to feed the spiritual hunger of this age group. Participants may be of any religious background or none. Class is on a drop-in basis: no need to come every week or to register but kindly e-mail Bill O'Brien before the first gathering on October 1 so that appropriate plans may be made.( (301-984-6123).
Each evening will consist of some discussion, a time of spiritual practice for which no background is needed and a period of instruction from the vast field of universal spiritual knowledge.
  Presenter: Bill O'Brien, see above
  Where: At the Nathaniel Center, see above
  When: Wednesday nights, beginning October 1, 2003, 7:30 - 9:00 PM.
              Continuing every Wednesday indefinitely.
   Cost: A good will donation of whatever amount is requested
   Registration: None required. Please call before the first night to allow time for adequate preparation.
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." Rumi

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