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What do the Holy Spirit, Guardian Angels and Jesus as Spiritual Guide have to do with Shamanism?  Everything, as it turns out, to those brought up in the Christian tradition!  Read on about current Nathaniel Center Programs concerning Shamanic Practice.

     Saturday, July 27: "Periwinkle, Panthers and Priestesses:
                 An Introduction to Shamanic Practice. This will be a new class. In it you will have a chance to journey to each of the three "worlds" of shamanism, The Lower World, home of plant and animal spirits (no connection to hell), the Middle World, this earthly plane in memory and imagination, and the Upper World, home of spiritual guides such as angels, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary. You will also receive awareness of your power animal, a guide from the animal kingdom who is serving as your particular helper at this time in your life. The power animals are similar to the idea of Guardian Angels. You will be instructed in how to journey. If time permits, soul retrieval will be demonstrated. Bring with you pen and pencil (both), a bag lunch, a mat and something to cover your eyes with during the journeys (to shut out light). Also bring an open mind and a heart free of fear. Shamanism is compatible with all religions. 9 AM - 5 PM, Saturday, July 27. Cost: $150. If you have a drum or rattle, please bring it but it's not necessary. Jesus loves this seminar and will join us for it!