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 The Nathaniel Center for Spiritual Growth is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational institution founded in 1992 and based in Rockville, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.  It is seeking to meet the spiritual hunger of the human race without regard to a person's religion or lack of one.  All religions and spiritual traditions are respected.  What is of interest is the individual's personal spiritual growth - in a holistic context.  Religious doctrine and ritual practices are of interest insofar as they impact on the person's unfolding.  The Director of the Nathaniel Center is William H. O'Brien, M.A., M.Div.  He has a background of twenty years as a member of the Jesuit order.  After leaving the order, he established the Nathaniel Center to promote unity among the whole human race as well as the environment.

THE FIG TREE under which Nathaniel sat before his awakening


 If there is one word that captures the Center's purpose, it is "awareness", a complete perception of the present moment, the here and now.  Most people come to a notion of Spirit originally through family or church.  This is good because it provides a basis and frame of reference for the development that follows.  What is important, at some point, is that the individual appropriate for him/herself the concepts that have been accepted unquestioningly in the early part of life.  What has been notional needs to be brought into the realm of felt experience.  What has been intellectual needs to become heartfelt, even mystical.


FOR MORE INFORMATION on the Center and its programs, click on the index in the left margin or on any of the headings below.

                Why Nathaniel? - A meditation on the Nathaniel story from the New Testament and its relevance to the Center's mission.

                    That We All May Be OneThe motto of the Center and its meaning.

              On Meditation - An essay on the purpose and benefits of meditaion.

               A Spiritual Exercise - A short exercise with which to begin the journey...

               A Spiritual Case Study - Some practical approaches to a modern spiritual malaise.

                Thought for Today - A timely message for this day from  Bill O'Brien or a "guest speaker".

               Life Coaching - Find out about Personal Success Life Coaching by Bill O'Brien, the Center Director.

               Consultations - A Spiritual Director of many years experience, Bill O'Brien is available for private spiritual counselling.

               Labyrinth - The exciting work the Center is doing in the DC Prison system - for prisoners and corrections officers alike.

               Center Programs - A listing of current Programs available from the Nathaniel Center and information on how to partake.

               A Tour of the Center - Visit the Center through a virtual tour of our facility, its offices, its meeting and consultation rooms and other spaces.