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Life Coaching by Bill O'Brien


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Life Coaching by Bill O'Brien
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                                 LIFE COACHING

What Is It?

A process for energetically realizing your goals.

Whether you seek to enhance your life in the area of spiritual growth, personal finances, personal relationships, physical well-being, your work or your surroundings, coaching plunges to the core of whats holding you back and presents you with a clear strategy for defining your goals and bringing them about. Within the overall Coaching profession, "Life Coaching" is distinct in that it offers you the chance to focus not just on "doing" but on "being" also, if you so choose.

How does it work?

It works by giving you a supportive companion in the person of the coach who is there not to nag and badger but to affirm, acknowledge, encourage and offer guidance when desired. Instead of loading you up with more things to do, the coaching process lets you choose what you want to deal with and what steps you want to take this week to move to where you want to be. Especially energizing is the coaching dynamic of empowering you to find the answers within yourself.

Who Chooses Coaching?

Usually people whose lives are in good shape but they want to improve in some particular area(s). Most of the time a coaching client will be a professional person but anyone is welcome. Frequently, but not always, the initial contact is for the purpose of dealing with midlife transition.

Who is Bill OBrien


Mr. William H. OBrien, M.A., M.Div., is one who cares for the soul. After 20 years in the Jesuits and 15 more years in the field of spiritual development as founder and director of the Nathaniel Center, Bill knows how to help you help yourself. For over a generation Bill has been helping individuals and groups to discover the igniting force within them, which gives life meaning, by integrating the personality, uniting the energies and making choices to move life where you want it to be. Bill has degrees from Georgetown University, St Louis University and Weston Jesuit School of Theology. More importantly, he has made the journey to his own center and has returned to help others do the same, each in his or her own unique way. He is the author of Walking With Nathaniel: Essays On the New Spiritual Quest. He has been interviewed on Family Matters on NPR in Philadelphia and on Dennis Wholey's America on National Public Television. In addition, Bill was among those featured on theGod In Washington series on News4At6WithJim Vance (local NBC affiliate) and his work at the District of Columbia Detention Center was the subject of an independent documentary video, Loved Straight: A Meditation and Anger Management Experiment. Bill is a man of deep insight, intuition and awareness. He helps you to find your true self and then let it blossom.

What Is the Structure?

Coaching begins with a phone call to Bill at 301-984-6123 to set up your introductory free Sample Session. This is a time to get acquainted, experience being coached by Bill, and see the surroundings. For content, you will be guided through an illuminating exercise called Life Balance. You will leave with a clearer idea of where you are and where you might want to go with Coaching.

After the Sample Session you decide if you want to commit. You then arrange for your Intake Session. This is a three hour meeting to explore yourself more deeply. During this time you will be guided through a precise method for establishing your values which you will befriend in a new way because they are what will give energy to your decisions. You will also meet your Future Self and begin to get acquainted. This will be an ongoing and deepening relationship. Finally you will emerge with a dramatic picture of yourself which may differ from the self you are accustomed to knowing, while at the same time being recognizable as yourself.

When you make your appointment for the Intake Session you are committing to three months of coaching which is renewable on a monthly basis once the three months has passed. Many people feel that they accomplished what they set out to do after the first three months; still others discover whole new avenues of exploration and renew until they feel complete.

The free Sample Session and the Intake Session take place at Bills office in his Rockville MD home outside Washington, DC. After that, sessions are by telephone and take place once per week for one half hour.

You always have the option to meet in person if you wish but most people choose the phone once theyve tried it.

What Does It Cost?

After the free Sample Session, if you decide to commit, you bring with you to the Intake Session, a check for six hundred dollars. This covers the cost of the Intake Session ($300) and the first month ($300). At the start of each new month you pay an additional three hundred dollars. Since you initially commit to three months, this means the total cost is twelve hundred dollars over three months.