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Nathaniel Center for Spiritual Growth
A Tour of the Center


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A Tour of the Center
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Welcome to the Nathaniel Center for Spiritual Growth.  Please join us on this page for a virtual tour of the Center...


Bill O'Brien, Director of the Nathaniel Center, and Linda O'Brien, his wife and colleague at the Center, will lead us on the tour.  They are standing on the spacious deck which sometimes serves as meeting space in clement weather, a spot for meditation because of its proximity to nature (a Maryland County Park), and an ideal locale for the refreshments break during a workshop or seminar.


An inviting corner of the deck for a workshop group, or perhaps for lunch.  There follow here photos of the Center: the Large Meeting Room, the Director's Office and the setting for Spiritual Direction, the Reiki massage room, and a few ambient outside settings at or immediately adjacent to the Center.  Come, and browse through the Nathanaiel Center at your own pace...

A Workshop in session in the Center's large meeting room

The Director's Office, and the setting for Spiritual Direction

A charming corner outside the Large Meeting Room