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Some notes on the Guided Imagery Seminar, beginning October 1

    I am very enthusiastic about the Guided Imagery Seminar that begins next Tuesday night here at Tildenwood Drive, 7:30-9 PM, Oct 1- Nov 19. I hope more of you will contact me and register for it. Here is what distinguished psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek says about guided imagery: "Guided imagery is, I must tell you, a near-perfect vehicle for psychic development. It's a kind of deliberate, directed daydreaming, a purposeful use of the imagination that automatically alters our consciousness as we use it and drops us down into the clear receptive state that is so necessary for picking up subtle, intuitive signals at will.
    You could say that guided imagery is a specific kind of meditation that causes deep shifts in body, psyche and spirit (none of which is really separate from the others). Guided imagery presents us with multiple layers of encoded messages, packaged in such a way that the mind and body can wholeheatedly go for them. The images act like depth charges that reverberate somewhere beneath the surface, over and over again."
    Earlier she says, "...I have introduced guided imagery in various workshops and training sessions to all kinds of participants, ranging from the intuitively gifted to those whose third eye seemed virtually cemented shut. Sooner or later, almost everyone was able to make good use of these techniques. Many were astonished by what could happen and what they were able to do; they experienced things they previously thought impossible. The process created a powerful shift in their view of the world and mobilized profound changes in their ideas about who they actually were."  quoted from "Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition"
    As a result of my twenty years in the Jesuit order, I am steeped in the practice of  imagery meditation via the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing this with you.
    The cost of the seminar is $160. You can register by phone at 301-984-6123 or return